July 3rd, 2019

Printed PV team participates in promoting STEM in schools.

Printed PV team participates in promoting STEM in schools by various outreach activities including:

  • STEM professionals in School: Our team members go to schools to talk about science, in particular, solar cells. This is supported by CSIRO and Australian Centre of Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP). We have also visited aboriginal school in Healesville and hosted them at CSIRO.
  • Ntaria Science week: We participated in Ntaria Science Week, supported by CSIRO and ACAP.
  • STELR Collaboration Grant Project: CSIRO is contributing to Science Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) project. STELR is the National STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) school initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ASTE). STELR is deployed in over 600 schools around Australia and overseas. CSIRO has deployed Printed PV kits to over 100 schools nationally and internationally.
  • National Science Week: Every year, we showcase our technology to the public by demonstrating our research to the public during National Science Week.
  • Work-experience students: We host work-experience students who learn about our research activities and often get to do a mini-project of their own.