Welcome to the research website of the Printable Photovoltaics Team of CSIRO Manufacturing in Clayton, Victoria

For over 10 years we have been developing materials and processes to enable the low-cost manufacture of flexible, lightweight solar cells or PV. We are developing science and partnering with industry to create new opportunities for manufacturing in Australia.

Our research comprises the development and fabrication of both organic PV and perovskite PV. We are focused on roll-to-roll printed fabrication methods using off-the-shelf equipment, enabling Australian companies to manufacture printed solar cells on an industrial scale without the use of expensive, highly specialised printing equipment.

Rather than being a competing technology to traditional solar panels, our printed solar cells are complementary to conventional silicon technology.  Printed PV are thin, lightweight, semi-transparent and flexible, while silicon solar panels are bulky, heavy and opaque.  Printed PV technology can be applied in many situations where conventional solar panels are unsuitable.  For example, printed solar film can be laminated onto windows and incorporated into tents for recreational or emergency purposes.  Printed PV truly enables harvesting the sun’s energy from everywhere, for everyone!

At CSIRO, we carry out research at different technological readiness level including large-scale projects with industry to create local manufacturing opportunities. See how you can do business with us to support your organisation’s goal and explore future opportunities.