April 1st, 2018

Imagine solar energy everywhere, for everyone.

Our printed solar film has many unique properties offering a huge range of opportunities to capture and harness solar power.  Our printed solar film is thin, lightweight, flexible and semi-transparent, and ideal for use in numerous applications to which conventional silicon solar panels are not suited.

We engage with industrial designers to envision future applications of our technology

Due to its high portablity, our printed solar film has great potential for use in emergency situations. Pop-up kits delivered in tubes could be easily installed in remote and isolated locations to rapidly deliver power to disaster zones.

Imagine using a tent integrated with solar film that allowed you to charge lights and camera while you’re out hiking!

Our solar film could be used at sea to generate electricity through printed solar film embedded into the sails.

Our solar film is great for tensile architecture applications such as stadium roof fabrics. The huge surface areas of these roofs have great potential for solar power generation but cannot support the weight of silicon solar panels.

The flexibility and translucency of printed solar film means it could be used in place of traditional windows blinds.