Knowledge Brokering Support Program

The Australian Centre for International Development (ACFID) partnered with the project team to host the online learning platform for the Knowledge Broker Support Program (KBSP). The KBSP modules are hosted and still available to undertake on Learn with ACFID. You will need to register and log in to see the modules.

The KBSP is an on-line learning initiative and e-learning platform which was developed and refined with the assistance of two Pacific training cohorts in 2021 and 2022.  Dr Manuela Taboada, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) supported the design aspects of KBSP as an adult learning process for both the face-to-face online experience and the e-learning modules.

The Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) become a key partner reviewing the modules and is replicating hosting the KBSP e-learning platform with the expectation that they will provide greater accessibility to the materials in the Pacific region. PCCC anticipates hosting two face-to-face KBSP online experiences in 2023.

KBSP material will soon be hosted on the WeADAPT, a collaborative platform on climate change adaptation. The website will provide a high-level overview of each of the 12 KBSP modules and links to the pre-recorded video presentations on Learn with ACFID.

Screen shot of KBSP online module
An overview of the modules in the Knowledge Brokering Support Program