Seuseu Joseph Tauati is the Chief Executive Officer with the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa and is based in Nafanua, Apia Samoa. Seuseu works with his colleagues Ulugia Angelika Tugaga, Olo Aleni Uelese, Sharydia Alatise Tusa and Ellis Vaega in the soil health team. This team is part of the Agriculture Research Division of the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa. This division operates the country’s crops development and protection programs and plant micropropagation unit.

Seuseu Joseph led the Agriculture Research Team and managed the activities in Samoa for the Soil Management in Pacific Islands project. He ensured all project related activities were achieved in a timely manner, managed the project budget, and coordinated meetings with project directors, partners and project team.

Samoa is a taro loving country and there has been a recent rapid increase in production of the aroid (taro) for the local and international market. This has put pressure on the soils due to the reduction in crop rotation and nutrient management. The Soil management in Pacific Islands project provided excellent information on soil nutrient uptake and required fertiliser application to improve taro quality and plantation productivity.