Radheshni Singh is a Senior Technical Officer with the Fiji Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory at the Ministry of Agriculture based at Koronivia Research Station, Fiji. She leads the sample analysis and reporting in the biochemistry laboratory.

For the Soil management in Pacific Islands project, Radheshni was involved in investigating nutrient cycling in agriculture in Fiji and development of the soil portal. This work assisted to identify issues and subsequently improve current soil sampling, testing and interpretation protocols and develop soil type specific protocols, and to develop the Pacific Soil Portal to enable sustainable soil management in the farming systems of the regions. Her duties in the project largely focused on building spectral libraries using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Pacific Island soils. This included preparation of soil specimens, acquisition of Mid-Infrared spectra for soil specimens, development of Mid-Infrared calibrations for different soil properties, and prediction soil properties from Mid-Infrared spectra. Her work contributed to a better understanding of soil properties, land evaluation and, establishment of a soil information database in Fiji.