News item – Ten predictions from AI disruption

July 6th, 2016

Ten predictions from AI disruption (August 2017) – ABC news Toby Walsh

This New Yorker article from 2014, The Disruption Machine, describes disruption as the new normal (Tony Smith)

The New Republic article The rise of the thought leader (John Parslow)

Book suggestion: Rich Little – I recommend Harrari. Both Sapiens for a look back, and Homo deus for a look forward.

Book summary: Rich Little – Existence by David Brin – sci-fi, but combines a lot of what we are discussing. The plot is:

  1. we are contacted by ET.
  2. the laws of physics which sort of prevent biological orgs from interstellar visits, is replaced by uploaded AI probes of different ETs from different civilizations which represent different memes
  3. Earth is bombarded with thousands of these “probes” which are “awakened” at some point in the not-so-distant future
  4. Each probe is trying to get Earth to dedicate its economic output to upload itself to a probe, and join a particular meme
  5. civilisations use their entire economic output to manufacture billions of these interstellar probes, do so with the hope that at least one lands in a potentially fertile world that will replicate the meme as a sort of chain letter
  6. The result is a sort of interstellar spam of AI probes trying to compete for civilisations different economic outputs.
  7. Maybe this is the future of AI?