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Biocontrol of priority environmental weeds in NSW


Following recommendations from a review of weed management in New South Wales (NSW) by the Natural Resources Commission in 2014, the NSW Environmental Trust decided to invest in biological control research for priority environmental weeds in NSW. Project scoping identified that the best approach was to take advantage of previous or current biological control research projects in Australia or other countries to reduce significantly the cost, time and resources required to do the research.

The project consists of two distinct stages, with Stage 1 now completed:

  • Stage 1 – Development and application of a framework to support decision making regarding investments in weed biological control research. Preparation of an Implementation Plan for the research.
  • Stage 2 – ¬†Execution of the research.

The project is supported by co-investments from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust, CSIRO, NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.