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Our Vision

Networked systems are in the heart of our digital society. We aim to enable people, data, processes, services and “things” to be connected to extract, transfer and exchange information. Those connections should be secure and  efficient delivery- and computation- wise while making sure processes are privacy-aware.

The Networks Group builds technologies to automate and instrument network data extraction and to convert Network Data into Intelligence, with the objective of safely and reliably transform it into valuable services and actions to create new capabilities and economic opportunities for individuals, businesses and organisations.

The Pillars of our research. 

          Online Privacy and Network Security: Data out there is to be shipped in a secure and privacy-preserving way. Whether it is application specific data, people- or things- related or internal cuisine type of data (e.g. network management and control), it is valuable in one way or the other. Making sure that it is safely transmitted, and not breaching individuals or organisations privacy is fundamental to our mission.

          From Network Data to Network Intelligence: We are building the technology to extract meaningful information from data transit in the network. We are also making sure that trip taken by data in the network is as reliable and efficient as possible.   

Overall this vision is translated into specific projects organised around the following categories.

List of Projects Categories