Bringing together the knowledge of local communities, policy-makers, practitioners, scientists and Indigenous peoples is critical to charting a pathway to sustainable futures for our lands and seas.

Our CSIRO team supports people with tools—like our interactive 3D map pictured above—that can help them forge mutual understandings. We help people to weave knowledge together in ways that recognise the integrity, validity and context of each different knowledge systems. Working across multiple knowledge systems, with respect and reciprocity, brings decision-makers together in ways that generate multiple benefits for people and ecosystems

We co-develop innovative tools with wide a range partners to support their ability to work with multiple knowledge systems. Many of our projects are highlighted in Meeting Collaborative and Indigenous Science Challenges and others can be found on the Projects page.

Our team recently prepared some beautiful posters for a dialogue across knowledge systems in the Hin Lad Nai community of northern Thailand. Lots of people has asked us for copies of the posters – so here they are and also in Thai?