Spring 2023 Pawsey update

Springing into innovation!

As we celebrate Djilba, and the vibrant colours of Spring on Noongar Country, we’re thrilled to unveil our very first interactive annual review, where a local Perth artist has conceptualised Pawsey and its innovation. Our supercomputers make research from Wajarri Country accessible to the rest of the world, and we love sharing this story alongside all the other work happening at our centre.

Annual reviews can often be quite dry, however, in this year’s review we invite you to embark on a journey through the 2022-23 financial year. It is brought to life with the enchantment of animation, captivating illustrations, and compelling storytelling. Keep your eye out for the animated version of ASKAP in the review. Behind this creativity is Samara Ainge, a talented local artist whose work seamlessly blends reality with boundless imagination.

Dive into this world and explore a gallery of artwork and innovation.

Artist's illustration of ASKAP dishes, with two people observing them from atop a car at night.
An artist’s depiction of Australian astronomy. Designed by Samara Ainge

Celebrating Joe Pawsey

In July, the Pawsey team celebrated the legacy of Dr Joseph L. Pawsey, an Australian pioneer in radio astronomy, and the Centre’s namesake. In the midst of World War II, Dr Pawsey pioneered groundbreaking radio and radar technologies for CSIRO. Then, in 1945, he shifted his gaze to the stars, laying the foundation for Australian radio astronomy.

To celebrate this extraordinary legacy, we recently hosted a special event at the Centre to launch Joe Pawsey and the Founding of Australian Radio Astronomy, a new biography authored by a trio of researchers Miller Goss, Claire Hooker, and Ron Ekers.

The authors, alongside members of Joe Pawsey’s family, joined our event, which showcased the incredible work carried out by our researchers here at Pawsey and emphasised the pivotal role of data in modern astronomy. Indeed, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and our supercomputers stand as indispensable tools for astronomers, underpinning innovation and discovery.

I invite you to dive into the captivating story of Joseph Pawsey’s life and contributions to science. Unearth the details here.

Four people stand in front of a screen. Two hold books
Special guests and Pawsey staff at the book launch (L-R): Hastings Pawsey, Liz Pawsey, author Ron Ekers, and this article’s author Aditi Subramanya.

Aditi Subramanya, Partner Engagement Manager, Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre