Welcome to our quarterly newsletter on all things about our observatory on Wajarri Country.

It’s geared towards our neighbours in the Murchison and those with an interest in day-to-day activities at the observatory.

Current issue

Recent rains have kept the wildflowers in bloom, a welcome sight despite the disruption the rains have brought. This edition of MRO News has more details on the Pia Wadjarri students’ visit to Perth with time spent at CSIRO, MWA and Pawsey; reaching the next milestone for ASKAP; and welcoming a host of new staff to the SKA-Low team in Geraldton.

Past issues

Wildflowers are blooming, just in time for our Winter MRO News. This issue we have plenty to share with updates on new science images from ASKAP (created using Pawsey’s latest supercomputer, Setonix), lightning (Birli in Wajarri) striking for the MWA and an SKAO Diamond meeting Pawsey’s diamond quantum computer.

A group of 9 people standing outside in front of building signage that includes the CSIRO and SKAO logos. One man is pointing out the SKAO logo.

Welcome to the first edition of MRO News for 2022, with a brand-new look, leading to our brand-new website. Along with a host of news from across the MRO we also say hello to two new sections in this issue, meet the AusSRC and welcome Pawsey as a regular contributor to MRO News.

Rebecca Wheadon and George Simpson (SKA-Low Deputy Telescope Director) in front of SKA signage.

In this issue we wish you a Merry Christmas and welcome Murchison local Andrew Whitmarsh to our team. Aidan shares a mysterious object spotted by ASKAP, and Mia tells us of the unconvential meeting locations MWA team member Andy has been dialling in from lately. Also see the first photo of the Murchison settlement’s newest Christmas tree delivered by the team.

three people smiling in front of tall cabinets full of neatly arranged computing equipment. The centre woman is taking the photo and has her arm out pointing towards the equipment.

Spring has sprung at the MRO! Aidan tells us dancing ghosts have been revealed by ASKAP and Mia shares a selfie with the MWA’s newly installed brain (see above). Also in this issue we welcome project manager Jane and communicator Kirsten to our team. We finish off with some wildflowers we’ve seen around the MRO recently, do you have a favourite from the region?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with Pawsey Executive Director Mark Stickells surrounded by Pawsey supercomputers

The rains are here, and the Murchison is looking greener. In this issue we have a special guest update from Mark Stickells at the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre (that’s him above with the Prime Minister) and Aidan tells us ASKAP’s RACs survey is complete, with some amazing views of the sky to see. Watch out for the double rainbow celebrating over ASKAP.

White dish shaped telescopes on a red dirt ground with a radio view of th enight sky aove featuring insets of radio galaxy images.

In this issue we farewell Kevin Ferguson to new adventures within CSIRO, and welcome Sim to the MRO team. Inside are bumper infrastructure updates from across the MRO team and Mia shares the discovery of pulsars by the SKA prototype stations. Aidan also shares a new tool where you can explore ASKAP’s view of the night sky.

Wide angle photo showing an engineering lab with cabling, computer racks and tools.

The MRO News has a refreshed new look this edition. We welcome Chris to the MRO team, Australia ratifies the SKA Convention and Andy from the MWA team celebrates his birthday at the MRO.

A woman wearing glasses holding up a mug under a tree to the left and a man also holding up a mug inside to the right.

It’s Bec’s first edition of the MRO News as Kevin passes the torch to the newly formed MRO Site Entity. COVID-19 might be restricting travel, but everything is still going thanks to our WA-based operations and Site Entity teams.