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Our Team

The Molecular & Materials Modelling laboratory is home to an elite team of physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers and computer scientists.  Follow the links below to meet our current team members, and contact them about their research.


Turning science into software takes a team.
Turning science into software takes a team. Pictured here Dr Deidre Cleland and Dr Nandun Thellamurege discuss recent tests of CMQMC.

Dr Amanda Barnard, OCE Science Leader and laboratory Head

Dr Manolo Per, Senior Scientist

Dr Ante Bilic, Senior Scientist

Dr Rob Rees, Scientific Software Research Analyst

Dr Michael Fernandez, Informatician

Dr Baichuan Sun, Data Scientist

Dr George Opletal, Scientific Programmer

Dr Deidre Cleland, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Nandun Thellamurege, OCE Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Hector Barron, OCE Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Brad Wells, OCE Postdoctoral Fellow

Ms Ellen Swann, OCE PhD Candidate (ANU)

Dr Ben Swift, Visiting Scientist (ANU)


Together we poses a range of capabilities in theoretical, computational, and data-driven research; programming and visualization.  Most projects involve a collaboration between team members, as well as partners from universities, research laboratories and service providers around the world.


Want to join the Team?  We periodically have positions for postdoctoral fellows, PhD and vacation students, and visiting scientists.  Check the CSIRO Careers site for more information, and consider applying through the convenient online portal if your skills match one of our exciting new vacancies.