Soil and vegetation sampling requirements

The objective of the 20 demonstration trials is to understand the impacts of mixed cover cropping practices on the broad-acre farming system. In contrast to the many studies arising from the USA, southern Australian systems suffer multiple constraints to production. Of particular concern is of course plant available water. As such, we are monitoring both cover crop and following cash crop productivity. In order to better understand these data, soil nutrient flux, organic matter and fertility are also being examined.

To achieve these goals, we require growers/collaborators to conduct a number of activities. These should take place in the run up to and at the end of the final cash crop in the project. This will enable us to quantify effects of the cover crop treatments in the 20 demonstration sites. We need this data for the project to be able to identify underlying mechanisms responsible for any observed changes in grain yield or quality in the final harvest.

The requirements are laid out in the following sections, and cover off on both soil and vegetation requirements:


Finally, please note that strict interstate quarantine rules apply in South Australia, which is where the CSIRO lab is based. Because of this, for collaborators sending samples from outside of SA, please ensure you contact Dr Mark Farrell at CSIRO well ahead of time. Doing this will enable preparation of appropriate import paperwork and ensure that samples are received promptly. 

This is not a requirement for samples from within South Australia.