Cambodia -Training and Field Campaign

June 23rd, 2023

From Monday the 22nd of May to Friday the 2nd of June, TJ Lawson and Lauren Roman from CSIRO Marine Debris Team joined with the international NGO Fauna and Flora’s Marine Plastics team from the, Coastal & Marine Conservation Programme, Cambodia, the Cambodian Ministry of Environment, staff from the Provincial Department of Environment from the provinces where the survey took place, and individual skilled contractors to conduct ‘Capacity building and survey for baseline assessment of marine litter in the coastal environment of Cambodia 2023’. This is the second baseline assessment for marine litter ever undertaken in Cambodia, a follow up from the first baseline assessment undertaken late in 2022. Together, we completed 143 inland, coastal and river sites, completing a total of 443 transects. This training made a new CSIRO record for the first baseline assessment conducted in any country where there were no data entry errors during the survey period. Congratulations team!!