Merino Lifetime Productivity Field Day 2020

August 10th, 2020

The New England Merino Lifetime Productivity Project (MLP) Field Day has been transformed into an online experience launching on August 13, 1pm (AEST) giving access to the MLP ewes to anyone with an internet connection.
CSIRO, New England’s site host and research partner, and the New England Merino Sire Evaluation Association (NEMSEA) look forward to hosting an online field day for industry showcasing the MLP ewes and their results.
All the usual elements of an MLP field day have been converted from an in-person experience to an online event.

Promotional video of the event is available here

Access to the field day website is now available here.

All videos are hosted on YouTube and the CSIRO presentations can be view independently via this playlist

Attendees will be able to access the online field day content when it’s most convenient and return to this resource repeatedly to view the videos and results over the months to come.

This unique opportunity has come about because of the current COVID isolation and travel restrictions. A very limited number of personnel were given restricted site access to develop the online content and the MLP team are very grateful to CSIRO for enabling this. Inspection videos have been created for each sire progeny group incorporating the usual sire introduction and the group’s results. Well-respected local classer Angus Carter, the site’s regular AMSEA classer, also provides a commentary on the sire groups.

Although nothing replaces the hands-on inspection of the progeny of the 30 industry sires, it’s hoped that this online event will deliver the next best thing. The online site is designed so that attendees can pick and choose which sires to inspect, which presentations to view, plus there is a hub to submit any questions you might have.
The field day web page will be launched with a results webinar on August 13 at 1pm (AEST). Webinar presenters include Site Manager Jen Smith (CSIRO) and Ben Swain (AMSEA Executive Officer) with an extended question panel.

SheepConnect NSW will host the webinar and preregistration is available here.