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Quantifying a baseline

Using the data and tools described in the ‘Resources’ page, we have generated maps highlighting baseline data for bovine, sheeps and goats, poultry and all livestock production in Ethiopia and India for 2010. For each of these commodities the following maps were generated:

Heads per km2

head ethhead ind

Livestock Unit per km2

lu ethlu ind

Meat production (kg/km2/yr)

meat pro ethmeat pro ind

VOP of meat production ($US/km2/yr)

vop meat eth vop meat ind

Milk production (kg/km2/yr)

milk eth milk ind

VOP of milk production ($US/km2/yr)

vop milk eth vop milk ind

Feed biomass consumed (MT/km2/yr)

feed b eth feed b ind

Stover biomass consumed (MT/km2/yr)

stover b eth stover b ind

Grain biomass consumed (MT/km2/yr)

grain b eth grain b ind

Manure (MT/km2/yr)

manu eth man ind

Nitrogen excretion (MT/km2/yr)

nitro eth nitro ind

Nitrous oxide emissions (CO2eq/km2/yr)

nox eth nox ind

Methane emissions (CO2eq/km2/yr)

meth em eth meth em ind