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Senior Researchers

 Dali-150x150 Dali Kaafar. Senior Project Principal Investigator
 Photo-on-9-05-2014-at-5.07-pm-150x150 Hassan Asghar.Principal Investigator



rahat Rahat Masood. PhD Student

“Hey Guys, Welcome to TouchTrack….! Want to Know how unique your actions are on mobile devices? This is the right place. TouchTrack will tell you how uniquely you are behaving while interacting with mobile. Wondering why this is important to know?? hmmm…..This is REALLY IMPORTANT….have you ever think if the mobile apps you are using can track down your real identity, instead of your random online names??? Yes,definitely, it’s a severe privacy leakage. Our team, through TouchTrack, helps you estimate uniqueness in your each stroke and touch gesture. Install and play games in TouchTrack, and see how unique your touch gestures are? We can help you being tracked. Our defending mechanisms are coming soon :-)”

Try, See, and Avoid being Tracked.


Ben Zhao. Developer
XinLong Guan. App Developer