Deep Bypass


Providers of large, enterprise-class networks find it hard to track hosts, servers and other vulnerable assets in their networks. Network profiling systems provide valuable insight of the assets on a network and their purpose. A network profile enables providers to better consider how configuration changes will impact networks, and security administrators to identify suspicious activity. However, effective network profiling under real world conditions is increasingly challenging. Network speeds are continually increasing, and use of encryption is growing.

Project Deep Bypass will develop tools for profiling enterprise-class networks. This set of tools ranges from capturing network traffic at high-speed (>40Gbps) without altering information contained in the traffic, to the development of new traffic profiling techniques capable of understand both encrypted and clear traffic using deep learning algorithms on top of untrusted data. Overall this eclectic set of tools will be implemented using newly developed distributed architecture capable of leveraging the high level of concurrency in modern CPUs.

The primary focus of this research is to develop means to address issues in traffic profiling imposed by real-time constraints such as high-speed networking and ubiquitous encryption. The project aims to develop a network profiling method based on deep learning operating at high real-time speed using kernel bypass framework.

Specifically, some of the activities we propose include:

  • Development of deep learning solutions based on temporal, ever evolving, and sparsely labelled data
  • Implementation of a deep-learner for traffic classification of experimental datasets.;
  • Implementation of very fast packet sampling leveraging kernel bypass;
  • Adaptation of deep learner to real-world environments
  • Architecture real time traffic monitoring on concurrent platform.

Budget: $400k from NGTF (2018-present)


  • Dr. Guillaume Jourjon, Data61-CSIRO
  • Dr. Kanchana Thilakarathna, University of Sydney
  • Dr. Suranga Seneviratne, University of Sydney
  • A/Prof. Richard Xu, UTS
  • Darren Webb, DST group
  • Adriel Cheng, DST group
  • Ying Li, UTS
  • Yi Huang, UTS
  • K.N. Choi, University of Sydney


  • 2 papers accepted at CDNG 2020.
  • Poster accepted at IPSN 2020!
  • Paper accepted at WWW 2019!
  • Paper accepted at IEEE NCA 2018!
  • Paper accepted at ASPLOS 2018!


The dataset from the IEEE NCA article can be found DC_dataset.


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