Female chemist at work in laboratory.

Unlocking a solution

The biggest challenge faced by pharmaceutical companies worldwide is the time and cost involved in developing drugs in order for them to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Through tests we can see what the result of a drug is, but not necessarily the why – to which protein does the drug target bind in order to get that result? During the discovery phase, developers could only use a trial and error method of testing in models that simulate the real biological environment in the human body. Often when the molecule selected as a drug candidate for subsequent clinical testing in humans, it fails to deliver the expected efficacy. This results in a lot of time and money invested for low rates of approval.

Hyperdrive Science has the solution.

Using technology that takes advantage of naturally occurring processes, Hyperdrive Science finds the the specific human protein target related to the drug’s effect without bias in a matter of weeks, to make drug candidate selection more specific, thereby providing a better, faster, and more rational drug selection process. We believe this is very important because it could reduce drug failure rates, deconvolute phenotypic screening results, identify proprietary new drug targets and reposition currently approved drugs for new applications. The rapid access to new target information of any drug candidate allows pharmaceutical companies to make more rational selections and unlock hidden value.

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