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The biggest challenge faced by pharmaceutical companies worldwide is the time and cost involved in developing drugs in order for them to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Through tests we can see what the result of a drug is, but not necessarily the why – to which protein does the drug target bind in order to get that result? During the discovery phase, developers could only use a trial and error method of testing in models that simulate the real biological environment in the human body. Often when the molecule selected as a drug candidate for subsequent clinical testing in humans, it fails to deliver the expected efficacy. This results in a lot of time and money invested for low rates of approval.

Hyperdrive Science has the solution.

Using technology that takes advantage of naturally occurring processes, Hyperdrive Science finds the the specific human protein target related to the drug’s effect without bias in a matter of weeks, to make drug candidate selection more specific, thereby providing a better, faster, and more rational drug selection process. We believe this is very important because it could reduce drug failure rates, deconvolute phenotypic screening results, identify proprietary new drug targets and reposition currently approved drugs for new applications. The rapid access to new target information of any drug candidate allows pharmaceutical companies to make more rational selections and unlock hidden value.

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As a technology company, our goal is to make preclinical R&D an easier, more efficient, and cost-effective process to drive a new age of drug discovery for pharmaceutical companies.

We focus on the rapid identification of human targets for drug candidates and high value compounds o interest.

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What we do

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Clinical translation of preclinical R&D is the “valley of death” in pharmaceutical innovation. Drug approval rates are at a historic low when drug candidates fail too frequently in the clinical trials, after often over a decade’s development that costs billions.

We cost effectively provide the research necessary to transform the drug candidate selection process in to improve success rates in clinical trials by “failing early and failing cheap”.

Our technology takes advantage of naturally occurring processes that allow genomic information from any human cell (mRNA) to be translated into a corresponding protein library individually displayed on the surface of a virus. We then biopan a drug lead against our libraries and uncover all the potential drug targets. Our technology is iterative so able to home-in on the most avid binding partners of any drug lead even in the presence of large amounts of non-specific or weakly binding proteins. Results can be available in as little as two weeks, allowing rapid access to early and informed decisions.

Our team at Hyperdrive Science has developed these methods over 15 years of research and development and it is now ready to be deployed for deconvoluting phenotypic screening, repositioning high value compounds, identifying secondary and off targets and identifying proprietary new targets for small molecules.

Our passion is to see more and better life-changing drugs on the market as a result of our services.

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Hyperdrive Science is interested in working with:

  • pharmaceutical companies who want to help develop this new technology
  • academic research groups who want to be part of our innovative platform
  • vendors that would like to sponsor our laboratory
  • venture and angel investors who share our vision.

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Get to know us

Hyperdrive Science teamWe are an enthusiastic group of scientists working on the fringes of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical-biology, molecular biology and synthetic biology.

Hyperdrive Science team

Professor Peter Karuso PhD, FRNS FRACI Co-Founder and CEO

PhD in Chemistry with 35 years experience in science and co-founder of Fluortechnics Pty Ltd. Where he served as CSO for six years. He is internationally renowned for expertise in natural products chemistry, very early stage drug discovery and phage display. Over the past 15 years he has developed  the concept of “reverse chemical proteomics” upon which Hyperdrive is based.

Fei Liu PhD MRACI Co-Founder and CMO CBDO

After doctoral training at Yale and post-doctoral training as an NIH fellow at Harvard, Dr Fei Liu moved to Australia and is currently a senior lecturer in synthetic chemistry and chemical proteomics at Macquarie University. Her expertise is in synthesis and biosynthesis of bioactive compounds and natural products, identification of drug leads and targets, and mode-of-action characterization in network pharmacology.

Paul Jaschke PhD Co-Founder and CSO

Dr Jaschke is a lecturer in synthetic biology at Macquarie University. He has consulted for US startup GeneWEAVE, developing novel diagnostic technologies using bacteriophage. During his postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford, Jaschke was a member of the Stanford Biotechnology Group and worked at AutoDesk Inc. that enables scientists to design workflows on cloud lab services.

Kavita Ragini PhD Co-Founder and COO

Kavita has hands on expertise in phage display and biopanning – the process of iteratively isolating the protein partner of drug leads. Her PhD was in natural products chemistry and phage display. Kavita manages the science team in charge of the identification of drug binding proteins and Hyperdrive operations.

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Our details

Dr Peter Karuso
Hyperdrive Science

4 Innovation Road
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109

Phone: +61 2 9850 8290
Lab Phone: +61 2 9850 8305
Lab Location: F7B214

Help redesign the drug discovery process

Work on great things that matter and make a difference in the world of medicine. Our goal is to allow pharmaceutical companies do their job faster and more efficiently, so they can provide better drugs for everyone.

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Hyperdrive is the world’s first phage – target identification service, allowing pharmaceutical companies develop better drugs at a lower cost.

We are a small team of science Superstars that love challenging the status quo and cover organic and analytical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and synthetic biology. Hyperdrive has been in development for over 15 years and deployed for 1. We have a great lab location, right in the middle of the best city in the world: Sydney.

We’re offering

  • A casual environment
  • Flexible hours
  • Snacks and drinks to stay refreshed
  • Areas to relax and think
  • Central location close to 24 h public transport
  • Share options for high achievers

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