Small & medium gold miners

Grow your gold resources

  • Reduce financial barriers to gold production
  • Reduce environmental barriers to gold production
  • Predictable, low riskĀ  gold recovery
  • Turn a profit from stranded, low grade deposits and old tailings

We understandĀ that a combination of factors related to resource scale, high capital requirements and stringent regulations have typically limited the scope of deposits and processing options considered by small and medium gold miners. Typical processing options currently available are:

  1. Gravity methods: Through which typically only 50% of the gold is recovered due to an inefficient but cost effective process.
  2. Toll treating: Relies on spare capacity of processing plants owned by large miners, and therefore accessibility to this option can cease quickly depending on requirements of the toll treater. Furthermore, resources which are considered to be exploitable are constrained by their distance to services and/or a toll treating facility (due to transport costs). Thus, significant gold deposits are stranded due to their low grade, remote location and the high capital and operating costs of recovery using cyanide, the current industry standard.

Our reagents are non-toxic and therefore we believe that regulations may allow for the adoption of low CAPEX leach process options, such as heap and vat leaching. These low CAPEX process options are typically not acceptable for use with cyanide and in circumstances where they are used, regulatory approvals are onerous and add significantly to the capital investment. Use of our reagents with these options may reduce these financial and environmental barriers and enable the recovery of the gold in an economic and sustainable manner. In addition to the lower capital investment, the use of our reagents may open up stranded and uneconomic deposits. These proposed benefits vastly improve the resource options (grade and locations) and processing options available to you.