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About us

Technology Lead

The Future feed team
Dr Michael Battaglia, Mr Justin Harsdorf, Ms Sara Wedgwood, Dr Ian Watson, Dr Rob Kinley

Canadian, Dr Rob Kinley, moved to CSIRO in 2013 to team up with CSIRO scientists and marine algae specialists at James Cook University (JCU) and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to test a wide range of seaweeds to find the most effective species to reduce methane. Rob continues to work with research scientists and business partners at JCU and MLA, conducting further feed utilisation and production trials and build a business that will deliver the product to the livestock industry to improve the long term profitability and environmental sustainability of the industry.

Rob is supported by a CSIRO team of industry, commercial and business specialists and the project was recently included in CSIRO’s ON Innovation program. CSIRO’s ON Innovation Program is focused on improving Australia’s innovation performance by helping our research teams build their entrepreneurial competencies and collaborate more with industry and the broader innovation system to understand and address global challenges.

Vision: We believe in a future where profitable and productive agriculture meets the challenges of our time – food security and climate change.
FutureFeed: Fuelling profit, feeding the future, fighting climate change with a natural farm feed supplement.

The Team

Dr Rob Kinley, Technology Lead: Specialist in animal nutrition, algal feed supplements with experience in Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Dr Michael Battaglia, CEO: One of Australia’s leaders in agricultural greenhouse gas abatement.

Dr Ian Watson, Systems Scientist: 30 years experience in extensive livestock systems.

Justin Harsdorf, Commercial Lead: Extensive commercial and business development in agriculture with contracting experience in excess of 20 countries.

Sara Wedgwood, Commercialisation Manager: Commercialisation Manager with extensive experience in agriculture.