Simone Carr-Cornish

Simone Carr Cornish 

Social Science Researcher, CSIRO

Simone is an applied social researcher advancing our understanding of the social impacts of industries and innovations, and how to manage such. Simone has an academic background in business, psychology, sustainability and research methods.

For over a decade, Simone has been contributing to the research and social change of how relationships with stakeholders of resources are managed, what is often now considered a social licence to operate. This research of what constitutes a social licence and related best practice stakeholder engagement has been focused on the energy and mining industries. Simone also has experience understanding the perspectives of stakeholders from other industries, including primary industries.

Throughout, Simone has collaborated with industry, policy-makers and communities, including people that may be more impacted or at risk of being marginalised, such as Traditional Owners and economically vulnerable households.

This research has been presented both locally and internationally, published in journals, books and was awarded a best paper.