Future Flow-MER

The current Flow-MER program will conclude in June 2024. The CEWH’s future science program (Flow-MER2.0) will commence in July 2024 and builds on the past 10 years of CEWH science projects including the Long Term Intervention Monitoring Project and Environmental Water Knowledge and Research Project.

The Flow-MER2.0 Program Framework has been developed as an early overview of the Program and has been informed by learnings from the previous science projects; Independent scientific evaluation of the Long-Term Intervention Monitoring (LTIM) and the Environmental Water Knowledge and Research (EWKR) projects, consultation with Basin stakeholders, and over ten years of experience in managing environmental water within the Basin.

A key feature of Flow-MER2.0 Program is striving to embed First Nations knowledge and science into the future science program to ensure environmental watering is underpinned by the best available knowledge.

The June 2024 newsletter from the CEWH officially announced that Flow-MER2.0 will kick off on 1 July 2024. The media release has more information.