Update from Shark Bay

By February 4th, 2021

Eye on Water in Shark Bay, Western Australia

In December 2020 CSIRO Marine Scientist Marlee Hutton was able to travel to the remote coastal region of Shark Bay in Western Australia.  Shark Bay is listed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as a World Heritage Site, unique for its crystal clear waters and diverse marine life.  Working with teachers and students from year 6 to year 10 at the Shark Bay School, CSIRO promoted the Eye on Water project via the use of the app along with a range of probes and chemical testing equipment.

Marlee Hutton (CSIRO) with Shark Bay School, December 2020.

Over two days of working with the students, they had an introduction to the importance of water quality and how to measure it, with a significant focus on their local water threats.  Students then used their newly learnt skills to venture to several locations along the foreshore to collect and measure water samples.  Students also used the Eye on Water Australia app to upload images of their towns water colour for scientists to compare to satellite images.

On their final day of the project, the students were able to conduct a scientific test focussed on a single parameter of choice (e.g Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity) to compare freshwater with ocean water.  They then presented their findings to their peers in the form of a poster and were able to answer questions about their results and what they had learnt.

Shark Bay School Water Quality Testing in December 2020.