Collecting water colour photos with the Eye on Water – Australia app

Training on how to collect other water quality information the Eye on Water – Australia app


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Simple to measure water quality

Keep the EyeOnWater app handy, and you can contribute to the colour data with a snap of a photo. Your observations will help scientists evaluate water health along the way. To get a good quality water colour measurement, you should not be able to see the bottom of the river, lake or sea, and you should try and avoid other objects in the photo – like your feet! Try the quiz in the app, which will show you how to improve the quality of your photos for water colour estimation.

Measuring water quality with Secchi Disk

Expert friendly citizen science

On a mission? The EyeOnWater app lets you record additional metrics like Secchi disk depth, pH, and more. These metrics will increase the knowledge about our water health. We also ask if you can see any seagrass or plants.


Contributed by you

Interested in becoming a top contributor? You can see the map of all contributions in one map. See what our contributors have collected so far.

Eye on Water observations in Australia