CSIRO are calling for expressions of interest from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups to partner with us in an extensive prawn farming initiative in northern Australia. Extensive prawn farming is a new way of farming prawns in Australia that is well suited to northern Australia, especially rural and remote areas. Extensive prawn farming is low intensity, low input and is a more nature-like farming model. Northern Australian has enormous potential for sustainable land-based aquaculture such as extensive prawn farms that could provide new opportunities for Indigenous communities in the region.

Initiative Goals

The 4-year initiative aims to assess the viability of extensive prawn farming in northern Australia and to do this in partnership with an Indigenous-controlled entity. The initiative will use a staged approach to progressively establish a demonstration extensive prawn farm. This approach aims to:

  • ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community interest and aspirations for aquaculture development are understood
  • partner to co-design a demonstration extensive prawn farm
  • raise community awareness of aquaculture as a potential sustainable option for Indigenous livelihoods
  • create the basis for external investment into prawn farming and other segments of the supply chain
  • provide training, knowledge and expertise to help de-risk a commercial enterprise

Learn more about extensive prawn farming and our initiative in the video below.


For more information about partnering with CSIRO for this initiative and to apply click on the link below or head to the find out more and apply tab.