Supply chain analytics keeping it Private and Safe

October 5th, 2023

The Challenge

Supply chains can be used to estimate the recycling rate of one product by tracing its production procedure. However, this traceability can expose the business confidentially.

Our response

We’re aiming to improve recycled content rates by analyzing logistic chain data to protect privacy and confidentiality. 

Supply chain network refers to a network structure formed by autonomous or semi-autonomous business entities to produce a certain product through relevant upstream and downstream business relationships.

Under the main manufacturer-suppliers collaborative development model, the supplier and the main manufacturer sign a contract to bear development risks together, share product profits, and form a strategic partnership with products as the link.

By protecting core business and profit, the suppliers and manufacturers keep their business confidentially and the data safe. 


Our Supply Chain Graph Database is a powerful tool designed for modelling intricate business relationships. By meticulously analyzing the data generated within the graph, we can pinpoint and safeguard the core business relationships. This is crucial because these vital connections are susceptible to privacy breaches.

In this graph, a business entity is represented as a vertex, and the business relationships are depicted as edges. Identifying these core business relationships involves capturing essential connections within the graph. A cohesive subgraph centered around a vertex can reveal significant transactional interactions with its peers, which are of paramount importance. This understanding helps us identify the critical connections associated with each vertex, providing valuable insights for protecting your business.

A supply chain graph where a business entity is represented as a vertex, and the business relationships are depicted as edges.

Fig1. Supply Chain Graph Database


Ni, Wei

Principal Research Scientist

Li, Conggai

Postdoctoral Fellow