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Due to the evolving COVID situation we have decided to postpone the first EPW Mission Symposium. Program information. A new […]

biodegradable straws

Are bio-derived plastics the solution to plastic pollution?

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The worst litter hotspots

We analysed data from 29,798 clean-ups around the world to uncover some of the worst litter hotspots

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Advanced recycling: turning plastic waste into resources  

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CSIRO has joined the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Plastics (ANZPAC) Pact to tackle plastic pollution with innovative solutions. […]

Applications are open for Innovate to Grow, a free course for SMEs working on plastic waste challenges in the manufacturing, packaging, recycling, agriculture or food sectors and beyond.

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An ambitious project between the two countries to reduce plastic waste could bring global solutions.

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With our oceans littered with trillions of pieces of rubbish, how do we solve the plastic pollution crisis?

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Researchers are supporting Australia's move to a zero-waste culture with science. The first step has been a circular economy roadmap to reduce plastic, glass, tyres and paper waste.

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As part of our research to end plastic waste, we’ve been developing an efficient and scalable environmental monitoring system using artificial intelligence (AI).