Profile: James Hokin

By May 22nd, 2018

James Hokin on board the Investigator

James Hokin on board the Investigator

By: Callum Hollingsworth

James is Second Mate on board the RV Investigator, and has been working in this position since 2015. James’ position requires him to work two four-hour watches a day; 12am – 4am and 12pm – 4pm. Along with his watch duties James is in charge of all required charts and publications, and is also in charge of radio operations.

James’ position requires him to hold a Chiefs Mate Unlimited certification. He achieved this through his studies at the Australian Maritime College as well as receiving onboard training through a cadetship with ASP.

James enjoys working on the Investigator as there is always something happening, whether it is discovering a shipwreck or a new scientific discovery.

His most memorable time at sea was off the Great Australian Bite when he experienced St Elmo’s Fire. This phenomenon created glowing halos around the ship’s antenna, and produced spirals of flame like electricity to flow from the fingertips!