Our Team

Dr. Fang Chen Research Group Leader – Enterprise Analytics

Dr Fang Chen has created many innovative data driven solutions on behaviour analytics, machine learning, and pattern recognition while working in Beijing Jiaotong University, Intel, Motorola and NICTA/Data61. She leads many taskforces in transforming industry through technologies in data analytics, and is engaged in projects of national and international scale and impact. Her effort focuses on helping industries by making better use of data they have, increasing productivity and innovation through business intelligence. She has achieved great success on advanced data analytics in asset management, infrastructure maintenance, performance monitoring and failure prediction and decision support. The solution of “Data Driven Pipe Failure Prediction” led to the creation of the most accurate prediction method in the world for urban water infrastructure pipeline failure prediction. It has been validated worldwide through datasets coming from more than 27 utilities. The patented technologies also find their use in other infrastructure assets. She is also leading the effort on Data analytics in transport – to use machine learning and data analytical algorithms in solving real-world transport problems, leading to solutions for predicting traffic patterns, providing decision support, ensuring road safety, validating performance metrics, and creating social benefits. With her leadership, the team of Advanced Data Analytics in Transport won the ITS Australia National Research Award in 2014 and 2015. She is “Water Professional of the Year” awarded by Australian Water Association (AWA) NSW.

Dr Chen has more than 200 refereed publications and has filed more than 30 patents in 7 countries. She is also a conjoint professor with the University of New South Wales and adjunct professor with the University of Sydney.

Dr. Yang Wang  Team Leader – Advanced  Analytics in Smart Infrastructure

Dr. Yang Wang is a senior researcher of Machine Learning research group in Data61@CSIRO. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore in 2004. Before Joining Data61 (formerly NICTA) in 2006. He was with Institute for Infocomm Research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Nanyang Tchnological University. His research interests include machine learning and information fusion techniques, and their applications to intelligent infrastructure, cognitive and emotive computing, medical imaging, image and video analysis.


Research & Development Team

Dr.Ali Anaissi (Researcher)
Dr.Amir Dezfouli (Researcher)
Dr.Bin Li (Senior Researcher)
Dr.Feng Chen (Research Engineer)
Dr.Khoa Nguyen (Researcher)
Dr.Matt (Bang) Zhang (Senior Research Engineer)
Dr.Shiyang Lu (Research Engineer)
Dr.Ting Guo (Research Engineer)
Dr.Xuhui Fan (Research Engineer)
Mr.Zelin Li (Research Engineer)
Dr.Zhidong Li (Research Engineer)
Mr.Zongjian Zhang (Software Engineer)