Integrating systemic risks and value creation into decision making

December 8th, 2020

CSIRO and partners are designing tools to design and assess projects to deliver both financial and resilience outcomes.

Thriving in an uncertain future requires learning to be adaptive to change, and resilient to disaster.

There is significant market demand for the allocation of capital to infrastructure and other major projects that deliver both a financial return to investors and create resilience to climate change and disasters for the community.

CSIRO is partnering with Value Advisory Partners (VAP) to design tools that allow major projects to be designed and assessed on the basis of their ability to deliver both financial and resilience outcomes.

These approaches will be applied with communities, governments, business and investors to:

  • catalyse pre-conditions for resilience investments and build inclusive prosperity under a changing, more dangerous climate; and
  • identify and create opportunities for novel investments, taking a systems approach to evaluating options for value creation and uplift, as well as risk mitigation.


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