Staff and Student Success 2020


  • Shabnam Kasra Karmanshahi – Postdoc to lecturer at RMIT
  • Shangqi Lai – PhD to lecturer at Monash
  • Shifeng Sun – Postdoc to lecturer at Monash
  • Hagen Lauer – PhD to Fraunhofer postdoc
  • Peter Eze – PhD to UniMelb postdoc
  • M.A.P. Chamikara – PhD to Data61 DSS postdoc
  • Muhammed Esgin – PhD to Data61 DSS postdoc
  • Tina Wu – PhD to Data61 DSS postdoc
  • Derek Wang – PhD to Data61 postdoc (different program)
  • Dimaz  Wijaya, Postdoc in Deakin University
  • Cong Zhuo, PhD to Monash Research Fellow


  • ‘I received a promotion to Principal Experimental Scientist’ Raj
  • ‘My greatest achievement in 2020 was to successfully lead a grant proposal on emulating social influence in wargames – my newly found passion.’ Mehwish
  • Seyit Camtepe has been selected to take part in CORE rankings committee for the area “Cybersecurity and Privacy” in the current round of CORE conference rankings. CORE ranking is widely accepted in Australia and worldwide including the EU and USA.
  • ‘My greatest achievement in 2020 has been completing the Experienced Leader Program run by CSIRO’s Learning and Development team. It was a great opportunity to develop my leadership toolkit and immersing myself in the CSIRO leadership network.’ Marthie
  • Arindam Pal has been invited to serve as a TPC Member for ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) 2021.
  • Josef Pieprzyk — title of Professor to be confirmed by the President of Republic of Poland. The title is informally called Belveder Professor from the name of the palace, where Polish presidents reside. The process was initiated by Scientific Council of Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. The nomination was formally reviewed and supported by Central Commission for Degrees and Titles (which is the main state organ that controls standards and quality of research and education in Polish universities).
  • A major highlight was assisting the Australian Government response and preparedness for COVID-19 through epidemiological modelling, and being asked to help inform the greater public on the mathematics behind why we should flatten the curve by The Conversation.’ says Dennis.