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Xmas party at at the iC2 lab, SCIT, University of Wollongong with Data61 staff and students: Tran Viet Xuan Phuong, Research fellow at D61 (3rd from the right), Yannan Li (1st from the right) and Quoc Huy Le (5th from the right), PhD students

Welcoming 4 vacation scholars in Sydney Marsfield: Benjamin Pick, Yash Parge, Winston Sun and Calvin Wang

Kevin Zhu in Marsfield

2 students in Docklands: Aditya Kalapaaking, Veronika Stephanie

Welcoming 4 students in Canberra Black Mountain

Andrew Carse, with his supervisor Raj Gaire

Renee Selvey, Andrew Carse, Duy Khuu and David Liu

Welcoming 4 vacation scholars in Security Data Science team: Adam Tonkin, Connor Bakaj, Sophie Do and William Kosasih

with their supervisors Wei Kang and Selasi Kwashie












CSIRO Adelaide Xmas Bright Party, Security Data Science Team party

Adelaide team, Security Data Science

Distributed Systems Security, Marsfield team

 Virtual team lunch while staff members are working from home

Data61 organised the 2020 Vacation Student Showcase in February 2020

Let’s hear from some of our students about their experience:

Nick Rhodes:

I’m Nick and I’m a mathematics and computer science student at the University of Sydney. My project is titled “Walsh-Hadamard based steganography technique to protect deep learning models”, and I’ve been working under the supervision of Sharif Abuadbba and Mahathir Almashor. Basically, I have been investigating the problem of securing deep learning models for use cases where the original distributor of the model no longer has guaranteed access. A motivating example is preventing third party modification of the neural networks onboard self-driving cars. I have immensely enjoyed my time at Data61 this summer. It has been a fantastic opportunity to delve deeply into a subject area and learn how to guide a research project when you are confronted with challenges and new questions.

The recent Data61 Vacation Scholar Showcase was very interesting, and exposed me to the broad spectrum of work done at Data61 to solve many important problems. It was invaluable to hear the advice of current PhD students and early career researchers during the talks throughout the day. They each had unique journeys to their current positions, so there was a variety of different perspectives to learn from.

Alex Nguyen:

If you asked me to describe my internship experience this summer with the Data61 team here in Adelaide, it could only be one word: AMAZING!

I’m speaking from the heart here, this is my first internship ever in such a big company, and I have been so lucky to do it at CSIRO. While working here, I’ve experienced tons of things that I’d never had the chance to experience at uni: from working along top researchers and professionals in many different areas to learning basic things such as how to use effectively collaborate even if you and your team are not in the same physical location. Additionally, being able to pick up new technologies in a short period of time to adapt to the project you’re working on is crucial too. The best part about all of this is: during the entire learning process, I have never felt alone – that means I’ve always had a super supportive team willing to help anytime I got stuck on a problem and that is absolutely the best thing an intern could ask for!

All in all, even though the internship only lasted 3 months, it gave me a taste of what it’s gonna be like when I’ll do what I really love for a living. That said, this would definitely be one of the most memorable experience for me in my professional career.

Human Centric Security team and students

Security Data Science team

Data 61Live













Dr Mehwish Nasim, one of the finalists of Fresh Science 2019

A new intern in Adelaide: Alex Nguyen (2019/2020)

The Adelaide team ready for a CSIRO ‘Jolly Red Xmas’, 2019

Being a student at D61