Media Attentions 2020

– ‘We have revealed a security vulnerability of object detector that is threatened by backdoor attacks, where a person can be invisible in front of the object detector when a natural trigger, e.g., a hat, is wearing.’ Garrison; Sharif Abuadbba and Garrison Gao have led a group of researchers in collaboration between CSIRO’s Data61, Cyber CRC and SKKU university to demonstrate the impact of our science to wider audience through an innovative demonstration of his recent work that reveals it’s possible to backdoor the object detectors to digitally disappear from camera detection with relative ease.


Video Demo:
The Australian:

– Arindam Pal, “This new phishing detection system can decode fraudsters

Listen to Dr Mehwish Nasim talk about ‘Fact vs Fake: Targeting Misinformation on Social Media’ in an ACEMS Podcast, read The Algorithm article.

– ‘Social media going viral’, interview of Dr Surya Nepal and Dr Mehwish Nasim, The Advertiser, SAWeekend June 13-14/6/20.

– One of our papers was the most downloaded publication in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications this month;

– Report finalised for the CSCRC on COVID-19 and Cyber Security,

– Spotlight on the Adelaide Security Data Science team in Data61’s April newsletter, InsideData61. Link

– An algorithm that detects social bot activity on Twitter in real-time could prevent the spread of misinformation and make it easier for first responders to detect major events according to a Research Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61. The algorithm uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to distinguish between genuine conversations and bot-generated messages, creating a set of ‘factual’ parameters and rapid filtering system for real-time results. Developed by Data61’s Dr Mehwish Nasim in collaboration with Dr Jonathan Tuke, Dr Lewis Mitchell, Prof Nigel Bean and Andrew Nguyen from University of Adelaide.

TrustStore technology: As it launches its highly secure VeroCard multi-factor authentication device after years of development, Australian cybersecurity firm VeroGuard Systems is on track to create hundreds of new security and engineering jobs in Adelaide and Melbourne by 2023. The firm – which emerged from Adelaide’s Defence-heavy innovation sector and now enjoys a strategic partnership with CSIRO and a global partnership with Microsoft – has spent 17 years refining the technology behind its newly launched VeroCard.

-Researchers from CSIRO’s Data61, the data and digital specialist arm of Australia’s national science agency, and the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre have developed the world’s most efficient blockchain protocol that is both secure against quantum computers and protects the privacy of its users and their transactions.