Human Centred XAI

Title: Human Centred XAI

Date: Wednesday 17 March 2021 at 13.00-13.50pm AEDT


Presented by Dr. Mor Vered from Monash University

Mor Vered is a Lecturer at Monash University in the Faculty of IT. Her research interest is in the field of Human-Centered XAI and in the interaction between humans and intelligent agents, where she works to incorporate lessons and inspirations from cognitive science, neuroscience and biology. She is a firm believer that only by focusing on interdisciplinary studies can we achieve results that can strongly impact human life. Her research interests further include social human agent interaction, cognitive modeling and psychology.

Abstract: Human Centred XAI focuses not only on conveying information regarding an AI’s internal reasoning process, but also considering that this information needs to be consumed by people and therefore we must generate explanations built on cognitive theories which take into account human situation awareness models. I will give a few examples from my work whereby cognitive inspired explanations were used to mitigate automation bias and increase user trust and reliance, and talk about the importance of co-design and a human-centred approach.