Cyber Common Operating Picture (CCOP): A Platform for Gathering, Analysing, and Visualising Cyber Security Data

Funded by the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

Partners: University of Adelaide

Project leader: Prof Ali Babar (University of Adelaide)

Duration: 2019 – 2021


This project aims at developing a highly configurable and customisable Platform for Cyber Common Operating Picture (CCOP) that will provide decision making and interpretation support to executive level decision makers within organisations. The envisioned CCOP will help in improving the executives’ and managers’ understanding and technical and socio-technical decision making for cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks based on the status of security of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure in their respective organisations. A Cyber Common Operating Picture (CCOP) captures and presents the current cyber security status of an organisation’s systems, services, and networks for its security staff and decision makers including senior management. CCOP is expected to help organisational security staff and managers to assess risks, allocate resources, and alter the state of operations of the organisation in response to the real and potential security risks. As part of this project, we are developing a prototype CCOP dashboard to provide such executive level decision makers with the metrics required to make informed decisions on their respective organisations’ cyber security status, considering different socio-technical aspects. We are particularly interested in understanding which CCOP dashboard designs, as well as which technical and business metrics related to cyber security are the best received by executive decision makers.