Current Quantum Systems Seminars

July 26th, 2022

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  • Date and time: November 30, 15.00-16.00 AEDT

Title: Quantum computers – approaching fast

SpeakerProfessor Lloyd Hollenberg 

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Abstract:  Quantum computers are now emerging from decades of development in research labs around the world. The hardware is advancing rapidly, with IBM’s state-of-the-art now at the 433 qubit level. The prospects of solving real-world problems on near-term quantum computers, will ultimately be determined by improvements in the level of hardware noise inducing errors in quantum logic, and the ability to mitigate their cumulative effects of in the computation results. This talk will review the current status of quantum computer systems, how one maps problems to the quantum context, the demonstrations of quantum advantage to date, and how the IBM Quantum Hub @ The University of Melbourne fits into this picture. No prior quantum knowledge necessary.

Biography Lloyd is a Melbourne Laureate Professor and Thomas Baker Chair in the School of Physics, University of Melbourne. He is also the Director of the IBM Quantum Hub at the University, established in 2018. He has published over 250 papers and is well known internationally for his work in quantum computing and quantum sensing.


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  • Date and time: October 25, Tuesday, 3-4 PM (AEDT)

Title: CSIRO Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform

Speaker: Professor Jim Rabeau 



Abstract:  In this talk, Jim will present the Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform and progress in seeding and growing quantum technology capability at CSIRO.  The purpose of the presentation is to give an update and stimulate future discussion ideas for opportunities to grow quantum technology research at Data61 and across all of CSIRO.

Biography: Jim has been leading the Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform at CSIRO since its inception in September 2021. Prior to this, he was a Professor at the School of Physics and Deputy Director at the University of Sydney Nano Institute. He has spent several years working in the industry, including as a program manager at Microsoft Quantum Computing. 


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