External Awards

  • 2019 | Service award

Mohan Baruwal Chhetri received a Service award for his role in co-organising the IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing.

  • 2019 | ResearchPlus Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium award

Marthie Grobler and Hamza Sellak received a grant to host the OzDHI (Australian Digital Health Innovation) symposium, in collaboration with the Future Science Platform – Precision Health and the eHealth Centre.

  • 2017 | ResearchPlus Visiting Scientist award

Marthie Grobler received a grant to host Prof L Jean Camp, Indiana University for a 3-month visit.

  • 2018 | Julius award

This award was presented by CSIRO to Dr. Camtepe for his exceptional support of mid-career scientists. Dr. Camtepe is a Senior Research Scientist – Distributed Systems Security.