IoT-Cloud Security

Our Research

Internet of Things is a critical component of digital infrastructure, with large number of IoT devices being deployed in various application domains like manufacturing, agriculture, smart city and home, supply chain. IoT and Cloud computing support each other by focusing on their specific roles on data collection, decision execution, or data processing. The physical features and communication patterns of IoT expand attack surfaces, making them challenging to secure by directly adopting present cyber security measures like public encryption schemes.

IoT-Cloud team aims to address security problems relevant IoT and Cloud from multiple perspectives: lightweight encryption schemes for IoT devices (including symmetric encryption and lightweight post-quantum public encryption), encrypted data processing for Cloud, secure data sharing and computing among untrusted IoT devices, blockchain protocols and smart contracts for IoT device management, and secure IoT application mashup. As some examples of our research, we have a lightweight symmetric encryption that can encrypt short messages into short ciphertexts (4-to-4 bytes) and a proof-of-work permissonless blockchain, EnerID, which enables small devices to directly record data and make transactions on a blockchain to enhance data trust.

Our Team

Dr Dongxi Liu

Principal Research Team Leader

Mr Seung Jang

Senior Research Engineer

Bo Yan

Dr Sharif Abuadbba

Cyber CRC Fellow

Senior Research Scientist

Zhi Zhang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Cody Christopher

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Shuo Wang

Joint Venture Postdoctoral Fellow