Autonomous & Application Security

Our Research

In the Autonomous and Application Security (AAS) team, our vision to protect the society, government and industry from highly advanced malicious cyber actors using machine intelligence. We focus on developing robust machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques that empower organisations and people against sophisticated cyber-attacks. We thrive to achieve our vision through cutting edge research and collaboration.

Autonomous Security deals with developing machine intelligence to make cyber security decisions when faced with complex security problems. Application Security is an area where we use machine intelligence to assess, triage and mitigate malware and vulnerabilities in complex application source codes or binaries. The fast pace of digital transformation has been producing cyber systems and applications at increased complexity and scales. Cyber users with low cyber security maturity levels are no match for highly capable and cooperating malicious actors. The most recent advanced persistent threats have shown that these malicious actors are fast to adopt the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cryptography. In that sense, the game between attacker and defender is an asymmetric game where the defender needs to prevent all exploitable vulnerabilities. In contrast, the attacker needs to access just one for a short time window.

Our team aims to contribute and utilise the recent developments in robust machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to break this asymmetry in centralised and decentralised settings. NLP/ML models securely trained over the Internet using both public and in-captive datasets become reliable tools to assess systems of any scale and complexity. These models support human users and experts for decision making in computing and communications systems as well as a variety of cross-domain applications such as energy, health, astronomy and food.

Our Team

Dr Seyit Camtepe

Research Team Leader
P. +61 2 9372 4325

Dr Ejaz Ahmed

Research Scientist

Mohammed Bahutair

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Chandra Thapa

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Nazatul Sultan

CRP Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Mehwish Nasim

Visiting Scientist

Dr Selasi Kwashie

Research Scientist

Dr Geoff Jarrad

Senior Research Scientist

Dr Wei Kang

Research Scientist

Ms Regine Richelle

Project manager