Invited Talks

Parallel Signcryption, a keynote at the Mathematical Cryptology and Cybersecurity Conference MC&C 2020, Warsaw, January 16-17, 2020 –

– Basic Tools of Cryptographic Analysis,  invited talk at Enigma Information Security Systems, Jutrzenki 116, 02-230 Warsaw, February 03, 2020.

Concurrent Encryption and Authentication, invited talk at Strategic Centre for Research in Privacy-Preserving Technologies & Systems, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, February 28, 2020.

Self-Similarity in Cyber Security Disclosure Processes, invited talk at the 3rd ACEMS Workshop on Challenges of Data and Control of Networks, 20-21 Jan 2020.

invited speaker at the Foundational Aspects of Blockchain Technology workshop, International Center for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore, India, during January 15-17, 2020,


Security is the Weakest Link: Prevalent Culture of Victim Blaming in Cyberattacks, keynote at AsiaCCS 2019.

Powered by Data: Working at Australia’s digital innovation powerhouse, invited lecture at Early Career Researcher workshop, Monash University,  2019..


Security Automation and Orchestration: Challenges and Issues, invited talk at ACISP 2017.

Health Data Mining, invited guest lecture at ANU 2017.

Compact-LWE for Lightweight Public Key Encryption and Leveled IoT Authentication, invited talk at ACISP 2017.


CLAP: Lightweight Authentication Protocols for IoT Applications, invited talk at ACISP 2016.