Automated Identity and Access Management

Partners: NAB, Cyber Security CRC

The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent support for identity and access management task within enterprise IT Systems with dynamic business environments.

Duration: 2 years

The team will solve the lack of dynamic, efficient and adaptive management of identity and minimum required access privileges in an entreprise ICT system. After understanding and modelling the security landscape (roles and policies) and the resource usage patterns we will detect user characteristics,  dynamically recommend and assign access privileges, detect and assess risky and anomalous behaviours. The goal is to provide our client with a transferable and dynamic application to help them achieve their goal.

The team will work on the below research problems:

  • Discovery of similar business roles & user groups
  • Mining of business processes
  • Conformance evaluations
  • Developing adaptive IAM support

The project objectives include:

  1. to identify and understand the IT system access privileges and resource entitlements of employees based on the descriptions of their business roles, assigned access privileges and the prevailing access and resource usage patterns;
  2. to automatically detect, recommend and assign changing IT system access privileges and resource entitlements to employees based on the discharge of business roles without compromise of system securities; and
  3. to detect suspicious, anomalous and risky user behaviours within enterprise IT systems to avoid breach of system securities.