CinderSolo update is now live in the iOS App store and on GooglePlay

June 30th, 2017

The latest cinder App update adds functionality to allow scientists with accounts at CSIRO’s C3 facility to view and score there own images on the go! To do this just select the “Cinder Solo” option. This presents you with images in a randomised order. Simply swipe (or tap) to score. These scores will then be uploaded to the database and available for viewing via our See3 viewing software.


Get the iOS App or GooglePlay app by clicking these links!

Every swipe from you is help us develop a better understanding of biology!


For further details on what Cinder is click here.

If you would like to add images to the CinderKinder Training set of images you can!

Use the form below to supply the required information, or for more information please refer to theĀ Cinder page.

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