The BCC is designed around facilitating access to crystallization and characterisation services for the clients that do not have access to either the equipment or expertise required for their scientific research campaign. We also leverage the expertise gained from providing this service to develop new methods and techniques.


  • Crystallisation
    • Screening
      • Initial crystallisation screens
    • Automated Incubation and Imaging of Crystallisation Experiments (8°C and 20°C)
    • Membrane Protein Crystallisation
      • Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) crystallisation
      • Micelle/Bicelle protein crystallisation
    • Optimisation
      • Fine screening
      • Additive screening
      • Seeding
      • Combination screening
    • Crystallisation Screens
  • Characterisation
    • Stability
      • Formulation screening
      • Optimisation, additives, and ligands
  • Crystallography
    • Regular access to the Australian Synchrotron
    • Experienced crystallographers
    • Gene to Structure
      • Protein expression and purification
      • Protein crystallisation and structural biology
      • Biophysical characterisation
      • Fragment screening and drug design