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The C3 exists to increase the efficiency of protein crystallisation. We serve the Australian structural biology community (from undergrads to directors), and leverage the experience gained from providing this service to develop new methods and techniques. It is Australia’s only full service protein crystallisation facility, providing a full suite of online software which maximizes user accessibility.

Over 200 research projects from more than 25 groups around Australia and New Zealand currently access C3:

  • ExpertiseWe provide leading expertise and world class methods to our clients
  • State of the Art: As our client, you benefit directly from our implementation of cutting edge technology
  • Full Service: Book your experiment, drop off your sample & wait for the result – the rest is done by us
  • Strength In Numbers: We have completed millions of unique crystallisation experiments
  • Development: With your feedback, we review and optimize our methods
  • Quality Assurance: To give you peace of mind, the C3 is an ISO certified R&D testing laboratory
  • Efficient: To reach your outcome rapidly, our core systems operate 24 / 7 / 365
  • Cost Effective: At least 50% less cost than doing manual in house experiments

Who supports the C3 and what are our community links?