Repairing a shredder machine

May 28th, 2024

This video shows how Continuous3D can be used for robotic repair of an industrial shredder machine. Shredders are used in the waste recycling industry to process different types of waste – everything from skip bin waste from construction sites, to green waste and e-waste. The shredder in this video has two shafts with blades that turn inwards to crush the material. In service, the metal blades wear down, particularly if they process hard, abrasive materials. To combat this process, the machines are normally repaired by people who crawl inside and use a welding torches to rebuild the lost metal, layer-by-layer. Continuous3D can automate that process, by enabling a robot to scan the worn blades, automatically determine the damage, and do the buildup welding. In the video you can see the curved (non-planar) toolpath that Continuous3D is able to calculate automatically.