Continuous3D finds applications across a wide range of industries, ranging from mining, energy, waste management, aerospace, defence, marine and foundry to general manufacturing. It has been extensively tested with weld repair, laser and other large format metal deposition techniques. Typical applications are repair of metal components subject to heavy wear or corrosion.

Problems we solve

Here are some of the problems that Continuous3D can solve:

  • Weld repair and hardfacing of mining equipment
  • Automated scanning and weld repair of shredder machines used in the waste recycling industry
  • Laser cladding of high wear machinery. Reducing preparation and robot programming time on complex parts.
  • Cold spray repair of corroded aircraft components
  • Restoration of casting defects
  • 5-axis 3d printing. Non-planar toolpaths with awareness of the interaction between the print head and part.

Industries we serve

Here are some industries that Continuous3D serves:


Worn buckets, slurry pumps, valves, rock crushers, drilling equipment


Bronze components, valves, propellers

Power plants

Hydro-electricity turbines


Corroded gear boxes, motor housings, worn fastener holes, landing gear

Industrial machinery

Laser cladding

Waste recycling

Worn shredder blades


Weld repair of casting defects


Track maintenance, couplers