Natural Communication with Spot : A Vacation Student Project

Nov 2022 – Feb 2023

During the summer 2022, Hashini led a vacation student project named “Fetch Spot: Natural Communication in Human-Robot Teams” with five other supervisors from Robotics and Autonomous Systems group; Pavan Sikka, Fletcher Talbot, Alex Pitt, Jason Williams and David Howard. Four students in this project, Callum Bennie, Bridget Cassey, Annabelle Nott and Ze’ev Krischer, implemented speech, haptics, gesture and AR-based communication with a Spot robot. We aim to extend this project to study types of interaction modalities suitable for communicating diverse information to human collaborators working with multiple robots to achieve optimal dynamic situational awareness.

Note: The idea for diversity-targeted positions within this project was Cco-developed with Robogals Brisbane chapter.