eReefs (GBR, 2012-Current)

eReefs is a collaboration between the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, CSIRO, AIMSBureau of Meteorology, and Queensland Government to develop an information system that will provide a picture of what is currently happening on the reef, and what will likely happen in the future. The system spans the catchments, through estuaries, across the lagoon to the open ocean, and provides information on physical processes, sediment transport, biogeochemistry and ocean colour. It is anticipated that the system will assist stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds in making sound strategic and tactical decisions relating to reef management. The eReefs projects consists of tasks that address enhanced monitoring, data standards and architecture, operational marine and catchment modelling and reporting and visualisation. This site details the marine modelling aspects of the project, and can be accessed via the links on the left.

The eReefs website, including information on Marine Modelling, can be accessed here.